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by Mark Medoff, directed by Rowen Haigh


March 20-22 and 27-29  /  April 2-5, 2020   (PG13)


Winner of the Tony Award, the Olivier Award, and the Drama Desk Award as best play on Broadway of the season, this deeply moving, beautifully written play details the romance and marriage of a sensitive but spirited deaf girl and the devoted (and hearing) young teacher whom she meets at a school for the deaf.


After three years in the Peace Corps, James, a young speech therapist, joins the faculty of a school for the deaf, where he is to teach lip-reading. He meets Sarah, a school dropout, totally deaf from birth, and estranged both from the world of hearing and from those who would compromise to enter that world. 


Fluent in sign language, James tries, with little success, to help Sarah; gradually the two fall in love and marry. At first their relationship is a happy and glowing one, as the gulf of silence between them seems to be bridged by their desire to understand each other’s needs and feelings. However, discord soon develops as Sarah becomes militant for the rights of the deaf and rejects any hint that she is being patronized and pitied.


In the end, the chasm between the worlds of sound and silence seems almost too great to cross…but love and compassion hold the hope of reconciliation, and a deeper, fuller understanding of differences that, in the final essence, can unite as well as divide.

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