Bodies in space in real time. 

             This is theatre.                            

                                         Let's play.

I am a freelance theatre director, deviser, educator and playwright.


As a theatre maker, I create work for the stage that is grounded in collective creation, heightened physicality, and deep curiosity about the sensory potential of live performance.


My specialty is devised theatre, but I love working with extant scripts and new plays as well.  

In all my work I emphasize embodiment, both for myself and for the performers.  I believe that the discipline of being physically, energetically, and mentally present is vital to creating meaningful live performance that actually reaches audience members.


I am also an advocate and organizer for diversity and gender parity in the performing arts. I chair the Southeastern Theatre Conference Women+ in Theatre Committee and serve as the Director of Education, Outreach, & Engagement for the Women's Theatre Festival.


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