about me

Bodies in space in real time. 

This is theatre.


Let's play.

I create work for the stage that is grounded in collective creation, heightened physicality, and deep curiosity about the sensory potential of live performance.    


My specialty is devised theatre, but I deeply enjoy working with extant scripts and new plays as well. In all my work I emphasize embodiment, both for myself and for the performers. The discipline of being physically, energetically, and mentally present is vital to creating effective live performance.

I "steal like an artist" every day, drawing inspiration and ideas from what I read, see, and encounter in daily life. My work is also deeply influenced by the writings and aesthetic of the Neo-Futurists, Anne Bogart, and Bertolt Brecht.

In addition to my theatrical training, I also draw greatly on Contact Improvisation dance. After first encountering CI in college, I've continued to study the form and apply the foundational concepts of present attention, responsiveness, and shifting states of being to my theatrical work. 

I hold an MFA in Directing from Towson University (Baltimore, Maryland) and a BA in Theatre from Reed College (Portland, Oregon). Currently based in the southeast, I work as a freelance director and instructor across the country.


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