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Working as an artist is the great joy of my life. It has led me to become a teacher,

a creator, a community organizer, and much more.

I do what I do because I believe it matters. I don't just make art. That's important, but it's important because it's about people. My work is about empowering others to find their voices and challenging norms about whose stories get told.

Patreon is a spin on the patronage model of yesteryear. It works kind of like long-form crowdfunding. Instead of making a one-time donation to support a particular project, you give a set amount each month—anywhere from $1 to $1000—to support my ongoing work as an artist, advocate, and organizer.

Please consider becoming a monthly sustainer. Click on the Patreon button to the left or visit my Patreon site at:

Thank you!

Many thanks to my fantastic patrons!

Adam R. Haigh . JClare Tony & Joan Haigh your name here!

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