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by Carson Kreitzer


directed by Rowen Haigh and Rachel Nunn

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Coming May 2020:  A new production for the virtual present

Visit www.WomensTheatreRestival.com/FREAKSHOW for more information

Step right up to Freakshow, a traveling spectacle featuring The Woman With No Arms Or Legs, The Pinhead, and Aquaboy the Human Salamander. Mr. Flip runs the show and Judith (formerly known as the Dog-Faced Girl) runs things behind the scenes.

Everyone in Freakshow is trapped. The show is their family, their home, and their livelihood rolled into one. While they all—Mr. Flip included—recognize the horror of their day-to-day existence, they are loathe to part with the show. It is what they know and it is what keeps them together. Are they so different from any of us?


The spectacle of Freakshow will dazzle and discomfort the audience. This is a show that holds together the grotesque and the sublime so that we can look through that shared lens and see how very human we all are, no matter what we look like.


© 2006-2020 Rowen Haigh

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