by Sarah Delappe

University of Kentucky Department of Theatre and Dance

Guignol Theatre, Lexington, Kentucky.

We are the wolves.

Nine women on an indoor soccer field passing words at high speed, anticipating the moves of their opponents. Ready to fight, ready to win; unbeatable when they work in unison. Athletes with remarkable individual drive. Individuals grasping that the world is wider than their singular experience.


Jenna French     

Preslie Peters 

Amy Pan

Kayla Stroud

Chelsea Russell

Kelsey Reese    

Emily Norris                   

Katie Gaffin

Tamia Fair

Soccer Mom

Sam-Claire Bieber               












Laurie Genet Preston

#14 alternate


Rowen Haigh Mahoney     

Isaac Hines Williams

John Thomas Priar              

Emily Misali          

Ben Otten

Sarah Zoeller

Nancy Jones


Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Assist. Stage Manager

Assist. Stage Manager

Technical Director


Costume Design

       Set Design

Asst. Set Design

Sound Design

Asst. Sound Design

Lighting Design

Asst. Lighting Design


Tracy Ward            

Tony Hardin      

Laura Kilian

Tony Hardin

Zachary Tomko

Tony Hardin

Matt Easley   

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